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September 2009: Frankfurt Motor Show.
BMW Show MINI Coupe Concepts

BMW used the 2009 Frankfurt motor show to showcase their new MINI concept cars, in coupe and roadster forms.
Based on a standard 1.6 turbo, 211bhp John Cooper Works car the coupe, designed by Marcus Syring, is around 4cm lower due to glasshouse restyling. It is also likely to to be lighter, following a two-seat configuration, whilst also having a better coefficient of drag.

The paint colour used on the concept is apparently a nod towards the Dunlop overalls worn by F1 driver Jack Brabham, who secured the 1951 constructors title for the Cooper Car Company in a Climax-engined Cooper T51.

Should the coupe concept reach production in the next two or three years a suitable name, which evokes the spirit and history of the Mini pedigree, will be required. BMW MINI design director Gert Hildebrand has been quoted as saying, “Personally I like Downton, a company that made Minis for celebrities in its time”.





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